Coming to an End – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Coming to an End

I’ve learned soooo much from the DCERP meetings. Being a Detroit native, it’s lowkey embarrassing how much I didn’t know about my own city so the learning groups were easily one of if not my favorite part of the summer. They brought light to a lot of not only issues within Detroit but also the endless beauty that comes with the hardships. Every group brought something new to the table in such creative, well thought out ways. One of my personal favorites was my group’s presentation (Detroit Arts/Cultural Heritage) though I’m a little biased. Researching an aspect of Detroit I wasn’t too familiar with was the highlight of my presentation because it gave me an excuse to go to the museum in the middle of a workday. Presenting really made the fact that the summer was almost over more of a reality because it hasn’t felt like it’s been 8 weeks already. I feel like it’s still my first day. Not only was it nice to learn more about my city, but the most rewarding part was also getting to share those moments with the other fellows.  

DCERP has really been light inside the darkness that has been this year and I’m so glad that I have had the pleasure of being apart of it!

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  1. Madgean Joassaint

    Jasmine, I feel the same! I really liked learning about Detroit as I had never known how large, diverse, and great the city was. I also really liked our meetings as it brought an added layer to the fellowship.

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