Passion in the Presentations – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Passion in the Presentations

I really enjoyed the presentations that each learning group put on. I thought the fellows, in addition to working full time jobs and juggling life, presented really thoughtful and powerful presentations. I thought each group brought their own style to each topic, thought of ways to be engaging, while teaching the group on an important element of Detroit and society in general. It was clear that people were passionate about the learning groups that they were in, and their passion was evident in how much they learned and in the knowledge they passed on. 

I know my own group is extremely passionate about education and inequity in that sector. We worked together to create a presentation that expanded our understanding of the topic and hopefully was thought-provoking to the rest of the fellows. I am grateful to have worked with my group as well as experience the presentations by the other students. 

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  1. Madison Daminato

    Hi Chloe,

    I agree with you in that I was also impressed with how the fellows managed to balance all of their responsibilities. I also appreciated the various styles of presentations; it made each meeting that much more engaging. It’s great to hear that you were happy with your experience with your learning group. It sounds like you groups, like mine, had some great discussions while learning about your topic. I’m looking forward to hearing about your work at the showcase!

    Madison D

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