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Nonprofit Culture

This week at Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision we focused on Healthy Businesses. I spent Tuesday and Thursday putting flyers in envelopes, addressing them, then sending them out. Seems like busy work but I actually really enjoyed it. I got to learn how to put addresses on envelopes properly and how to estimate the number of unpackaged postcards we already had. I think the funnest part of this experience was working on this with the whole team. During our staff meeting Tuesday we all sat around the table and formed an assembly line to fill those envelopes all while going over important meeting notes. I realized that this isn’t normal for corporate jobs, it’s just normal for nonprofits. I went back today to complete more envelopes so they can be mailed by tomorrow. The office manager was also in office today and when she saw me working on the envelopes she grabbed her laptop and pen, sat at the “intern” table, and addressed those envelopes without hesitation even though she was on her lunch break. We were able to fill and address over 600 envelopes in 2 days!!! I love working with SDEV because they truly are a team and all rely on each other. It was really refreshing to see how everyone was willing to help each other out of kindness. I feel like this isn’t something we see at most jobs now and it’s more of a nonprofit work culture.

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  1. That’s awesome, it sounds like you are having a wonderful experience with SDEV. I’m also jealous you get to be there in person, I would love to be in the office with my supervisor.

  2. Manar,
    I definitely agree that the working environment in nonprofits is supportive and helpful. My experience has been a little bit like yours; even when it’s not my coworkers’ ‘job’ to help me, they are always ready to lend a hand.

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