6/15 Meeting – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

6/15 Meeting

A guest speaker that really stood out to me was Ms. Tiffany Brown from Detroit Food Academy and Developing Despite Distance (3D). Her presentation was multifaceted and informative. Something that stood out to me about Ms. Brown’s time with us was that it felt very conversational and personal. She and Myla created a comfortable environment to discuss some not-so comfortable topics and she treated everyone’s contributions with respect. I also appreciated the importance of her work and it’s a difficult charge but someone has to be there for these youth. The DFA portion of the presentation was also really interesting to me because I had heard of the academy before but I wasn’t sure what it was or how it would impact a community but after learning about it, it seems like such an anomaly to teach about food, agriculture, etc but the presentation really made me consider the importance of this education.

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