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The Final Bow

After rereading my first blog post, I feel like I accomplished the broad goals I set for myself this summer. I said I wanted to gain new understandings and interests and I definitely did. Before the program, I’d decided that I wanted to come back to Detroit after I graduate and being in DCERP really […]

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6/15 Meeting

A guest speaker that really stood out to me was Ms. Tiffany Brown from Detroit Food Academy and Developing Despite Distance (3D). Her presentation was multifaceted and informative. Something that stood out to me about Ms. Brown’s time with us was that it felt very conversational and personal. She and Myla created a comfortable environment

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Reflecting on Culture

The definition of culture is very expansive and when looking at the prompt I realized that I don’t often reflect on cultures other than my own or how culture permeates many environments like a workplace for example. I’m interested in exploring different cultures and not from an intrusive perspective, but from a place of respect

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