Week 8: I’m a little late and frazzled – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 8: I’m a little late and frazzled

My week has been so hectic and crazy. My project is actually coming to a head this weekend by putting on Hotter Than July. I’ve had to work testing zones for 12 hours, which is insane, but such important work. I’ve had the opportunity to talk to residents of the Detroit LGBTQ+ community as they’ve come to our table after testing. The people in the area appreciate the services like free testing because they’ve been so neglected by the city. My project has also taught me how chaotic non profit work can be because I’ve had cancellations, miscommunications, over staffing and other crazy things happen. But once Sunday is done, the project is over for this year. I’m really glad I had this opportunity to work on this project and with LGBT Detroit.

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  1. Brooklynne Bates

    Hi Lillith! I didn’t know that your organization ran free testing zones. I agree that these free services are so important, especially since they benefit a community that has been neglected. Your project seems hectic, but incredibly value. I’m sure LGBT Detroit was happy to have you as an intern.

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