Week 9: The End of All Things – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 9: The End of All Things

It’s the END???!!! That’s crazy! But in all seriousness, this has been such a wild trip. I am so glad to have gotten this opportunity because I made so many wonderful connections with people at DCERP and LGBT Detroit. Back in my first blog post, I talked about Community as having a group of people one can rely upon in their darkest moments. And I don’t think that has changed. At LGBT Detroit, I’ve seen people struggling to make it in life and have offered support services to them. I’ve seen how much of a village the LGBT community can be and how people have each other back. I’ve also seen how people gossip and snap back at each other. Listen, it gets catty out there. But people are always trying to support one another. Hotter Than July did go on, but we did have a snag with rain. I got to meet so many wonderful people at the event and we gave out boxes of fresh produce to people who need it and free condoms for safe sex (always have safe sex guys). A lot of people watched the live stream, which you can also view on the Hotter Than July Youtube Page.

I would definitely say I am far more confident talking over the phone and communicating important ideas to people. I am still a Boomer with social media, I am so bad with it. But I am not as shy as I used to be when Is started. I had an awesome, crazy, amazing time this summer. I hope to see everyone on campus this year.

3 thoughts on “Week 9: The End of All Things”

  1. I’m here for the growth!!! I’m glad we got this experience together too. I look forward to bringing a new wealth of knowledge and cultural to campus this fall. #alwayshavesafesex.

  2. Yay!!! So many good things! I’m so glad you had an awesome experience, I can’t believe it’s over…

  3. Raymond Ugaz-Carhuavilca

    The change is amazing! Super happy you got to make these changes possible and I can’t lie, the safe sex line made me laugh. It was great to experience DCERP with everyone and hopefully we can all get together when we’re all back on campus!

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