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Fourth Week in Detroit: Culture and Cuisine

One aspect of culture that I’ve enjoyed exploring, especially here in Detroit, is food. It seems to be an arena where the value of diversity shines and becomes physically real. While restaurants only represent a small part of local cuisine, you can learn a lot about a space from the restaurants that populate it and the experience they curate. Om and I had the pleasure of checking out La Palma, which dazzled us with excellent service and hot pita. Some of the newer places that have popped up around Wayne State including the Japanese fried chicken place Supercrisp or the trendy pizza spot Pie Sci punctuate the development that has been happening in the area. Downtown, DDP organizes the food trucks at Cadillac square which has led to some incredible lunches with highlights that include the jerk chicken from Mr. Creole, garlic fries from Rolling Stoves, and a flurry of tacos from Buffy’s and Los Dos Amigos. In regards to regional specialties, I’d certainly like to check out some Detroit-style pizza that isn’t Jet’s. I’ve also long been a fan of the coney dog. Though I haven’t yet made it to either of the big two downtown, Detroit One Coney Island did have some of the best onion rings I’ve ever had. Please let me know if you find any must visit food spots, I’ll take any excuse to avoid cooking in the dorm.

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  1. Keegan,
    Supercrisps is a superb recommendation. There is a sub place called Blimpies that also hits! We have to also make our way over to Hamtramck because it’s a whole different world. I look forward to where our food adventures will bring us in this beautiful month of July!

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