Week 4: Adjusting to the Culture – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 4: Adjusting to the Culture

I’m back! It’s crazy that we are at week 4 already. I feel like I just moved in last week!

The work environment at the NSO and DCERP in general has been very interesting to get used to. I had never worked in an almost completely virtual office type environment before now. It’s very new for me to have such freedom when it comes to the work that I’m doing. I am able to come up with projects and ideas that I would like to work on and see them through to the end. I have been able to talk to community members virtually more this week then the weeks prior since I am doing outreach to market their fundraising event.

One of my favorite things about my workplace, which I have probably gushed over in these blogs before, are the people that I am working with. I get to do a very fun and important job with some of the most amazing and hard working women that are so passionate about what they do. Everyone at the NSO really has a great passion for what they do, many of them working in the non profit sector for more than twenty years. I have never been in a work environment that is run by almost all women and it’s a very encouraging space to be in. I also love being in the DCERP cohort and being able to compare stories and struggles with people having similar experiences.

Probably my favorite part of being in this program is the actual city and being able to interact with it in a more authentic way than ever. I have always loved Detroit. Growing up around the area I got to see a few different parts of the city but I never really got a chance to explore it and see the authentic side of the city. On the weekends I have gotten the opportunities to walk around downtown and to visit restaurants in midtown. I have gotten to be pretty comfortable in the city and have been able to show some of my friends and family around my favorite areas and places. The food in this city is some of the best I’ve ever had. I went to the Detroit Shipping Company with my family and there was an amazing array of cultures represented in the food. During the weekend especially the city is so alive with events and the Eastern Market.

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