Week 1 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 1

Hi! My name is Siya Yinti and I am a rising sophomore that intends on majoring in PPE (Politics, Philosophy, & Economics). I will be working with the Detroit Downtown Partnership this summer! Community means to me that there is a shared understanding between a group of people. Specifically, this is what attracted me to doing community work in Detroit because I would like gain a larger scope of understanding with the people of Detroit in order to build a more open-minded perspective of the world around me and a community near my college campus. I also wanted to learn more about the Detroit community in a corporate setting for professional development as well. In my fellowship my company plans a majority of the events and experiences that occur in Downtown Detroit and they work with small businesses and other technical companies to create community building and DEI focused events for the people of Detroit. A strength I already have that could help with this project is that I like to talk to people a lot and learn about their individual experiences so I can build upon this strength when I work in this corporate space in order to learn more about my coworkers who also want to foster community experiences in Detroit because most of the event planning also requires teamwork and open-mindedness. A skill I would like to develop over the summer is becoming more organized with my collaborative work as well as working on myself professionally. Within the company they work with interns to work on things like a resume or your LinkedIn and I feel like polishing these aspects of my work will help me in the future. Along with this since most of our work is collaborative I feel like I am able to organize my own work pretty well but it is harder with a lot more people, so being able to work together and create an organized output is a skill I would like to work on building this summer. I would feel especially proud to see myself work seamlessly with the other interns and workers in the office to complete projects while also having fun collaborating with each other.

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  1. Claire Thomson

    Hi Siya, it was great to meet you this week! I had very similar reasons as you for wanting to participate in DCERP, in that I also hope to become more open-minded and gain new perspectives on the community around me. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of events you help put together with the Detroit Downtown Partnership! Best of luck with your work this summer; I hope you are able to fulfill both your personal and professional goals.

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