Week 7 Blog – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 7 Blog

 I had an amazing time listening to Ms. Tiffany Brown! I’m thankful that she took the time to come and talk with the DCERP group. She gave an awesome presentation on the wonderful work that she does with the Detroit Food Academy and Developing Despite Distance. Also, she shared the importance of self-care in her ability to show up as her best self. It inspired me to think more about the ways I practice self-care. After reflection, I realized that I really enjoy journaling, praying, listening to uplifting music, talking with close family and friends, and coloring to relax and recenter. However, it’s easy for additional responsibilities to become the priority outside of self-care. Yet, it’s necessary to make time for self-care practices in order to show up as one’s best self because “we cannot pour from an empty cup, but only our overflow.”

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  1. Claire Thomson

    Hi Wisdom, thanks so much for organizing Ms. Tiffany Brown’s visit! She was an incredible speaker, and it was really impactful for me to learn about the work that she does and her perspectives on self-care.

  2. Wisdom, thank you! I’m happy to say that I’ve seen you doing some of those things which bring you joy recently, and you inspire me in the process. A wonderful quote to keep in the back (or front!) of our minds, and I really enjoyed Ms. Tiffany Brown’s talk, as well.

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