Week 8 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 8

Hello! At week 8, this means we’re nearly at the end of the fellowship and it’s a bittersweet thing I think. Working for DREAM has taught me so much and really opened my eyes to how much of an impact one person can have and how one person can easily turn into many. Community revitalization is an effort that can easily be done in a harmful way if not done with enough and the right consideration; it’s a delicate project. The community has to be thought of as a number one priority, within that you need to listen to the community but beyond that, involving the community is essential. The community is the expert to what they need. DREAM has been a stellar example of what to do in this type of work. The organization has so far shown me the intricacies and layers to a non-profit organization and how important it is to not just “work for”, but to “work with”.

The Storytelling Project and speaking to elders in the community has been most impactful thus far, as I have said in prior blog posts. I think I will miss that most, listening to the stories of the community and perspectives that I have never heard or looked from. The first interview I ever went to was full of success stories of the family and yet she was one of the most humble people I’ve heard speak, it was amazing. This project has shown me respect to another level, is thought provoking, and inspiring. One more week to go and I’m going to take in every minute of it!

3 thoughts on “Week 8”

  1. Lauren, reading your reflection just warms my heart! I’m glad that you’ve been able to learn so much about community revitalization projects and that you’ve heard so many great stories and made great connections with those in the DREAM community. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Lauren! I loved reading this reflection about your work and time at DREAM and learning about what you’re taking away from it. I especially love “how important it is to not just ‘work for’, but to ‘work with'” and I have found the value of that this summer as well at my nonprofit! I hope you are able to see the documentary in the coming years and see the fruits of your labor!

  3. Hey Lauren, reflecting on your comment about the elderly stories in the community I find to be so important because it continues their story down generations and strengthens the ongoing community the more you share their personal experiences!

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