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Week 9

Hi all! It’s crazy to me that it has already been 9 weeks and our program is ending in just a couple days. Looking back on my time with DREAM, I am so glad that I was accepted into DCERP otherwise I never would have met so many wonderful people or learned as much as […]

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Week 8

Hello! At week 8, this means we’re nearly at the end of the fellowship and it’s a bittersweet thing I think. Working for DREAM has taught me so much and really opened my eyes to how much of an impact one person can have and how one person can easily turn into many. Community revitalization

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Week 7

Hi! This week I decided to look back on what has happened so far in this fellowship and what I had learned; more specifically, in the DCERP meetings. We have meetings twice a week and most weeks we had a guest speaker on anything from education programs and research to self care. I have to

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Week 6

Hello! This week has been one of my favorites simply because I feel like I have really gotten in the groove of things. Film shooting days seem normal, listen and typing descriptions of transcripts from my supervisor verbatim is simple, and meeting someone new every day is no longer stressful. Thinking about it, we only

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Week 5

Hi all! At week five in the DCERP program we are now over halfway done with our fellowship and honestly it does give a lot to reflect on. I have interacted from many people within the DREAM of Detroit organization and community, I have gotten to meet very interesting people outside the organization and are

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Week 4

Hi all! This week has been rather exciting for me: I’ve gotten to help log footage for the DREAM Storytelling Documentary and help choose clips for their latest work sample. I’ve been working directly with my site supervisor, Dr. Perkins, at her house all this week and will be next week as well. I’ve learned

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Week 3

Hello everyone. This week has had the most variation in tasks with my fellowship at Dream. From raking up grass at a house that hadn’t been cut in 3 years, to meetings, to data entry and flow chart making, I really have done a lot. What I’ve learned the most from this week was through

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Week 2

Hello again! A little bit of a recap, I get the opportunity to work within the Dream of Detroit organization and community, also with the Muslim Center they are currently based out of. And, like I introduced them last week, DREAM is a non-profit organization that focuses on neighborhood revitalization, community engagement, aiding the formerly

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Week 1

Hey there everyone! My name is Lauren Pistotti (she/her) and I’m a rising sophomore majoring in Environment, specializing in justice and equality, and minoring in CASC. I’ve interacted with many groups over the years but the ones that have stuck out are the ones that showed a true feeling of trust, interconnections, and a drive

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