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Aequora – The Unlevel Sea Sharing Latin with Elementary Students

Aequora is one of the many Latin words for “sea,” here with the connotation that the sea is calm and level (it comes from the same word, aequus, that we get our English word “equal” from). For my BLI Capstone Project, I decided to start an Aequora program at an elementary school in Michigan — …

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  It has been quite an honor to participate in the BLI’s inaugural Senior Capstone Project. Suffice to say, the Capstone has been equal parts more than we could imagine and also what you would expect. It’s been a long and at times arduous process, but also the most meaningful thing either of us has …

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Capstone 2017 — Bootcamp

Team Projects and Members UM Intelligent Ground Vehicle Team (UMIGV) DescriptionThe University of Michigan Intelligent Ground Vehicle is a new student design team working to create the first student-led autonomous ground vehicle to compete in an international competition. We believe in a hands-on, educational approach to enlighten students and our communities about autonomous and robotic …

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