June 2013 – Page 3 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

June 2013

Week 4

After four long weeks of working with the Detroit Food Academy, I honestly feel as if I am apart of the organization’s family. After working with students I have gained a better appreciation for the hard dedicated work of teachers. I was in awe seeing the children look up to me asking me questions, as …

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Allied Media Conference

So this week was the Allied Media Conference.  Rhonda (da boss) told us that the Sierra Club would pay for us to attend the Allied Media Conference and that we should check out their website to see if we would like to attend.  After only looking at the pictures of the conference online it seemed …

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Community Walk Meeting

One part of a Community Food Security Assessment is typically a household survey, which often means hitting the streets and going door to door. Lucky for this intern, GHOPE called in backup. Genesis Lutheran Church (which GenesisHOPE is part of) occasionally holds “community walks”, in which members of the congregation knock on the doors of …

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