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So for the last couple of weeks I have been very worried that we would not receive back any Surveys in time. Well guess what! Tuesday we got about 20 surveys from one of the ministers of the downriver ministerial alliance.  They were all filled out completely and all we had to do was put the data online.  Unfortunately our survey website is not working correctly.  For some reason we cannot submit the surveys once we enter the information.  That makes me wonder if people have been attempting to submit the survey online and it hasn’t been working.  I hope this is not the case because if so we could have missed out on a lot of survey information.  However, the sierra club should be expecting more surveys very very very soon.  A few from other ministers, a lot online (as soon as we fix this problem), some from community meetings and lastly a lot from doing door to door.  Speaking of door to door, I am very excited about doing our door to door distribution of flyers and surveys.  This will be a great time to go out into the community, meet a few members and show that the sierra club is truly interested in helping out downriver communities.  Overall, I would like to say that things are looking good. Everything is FINALLY coming together.  The office is getting very busy and a lot of events are coming up.  Soooo in the next couple of weeks we have 2 community meetings, a few meetings with different community meetings, the making of the white crosses, door to door expeditions, survey analysis and whatever else randomly pops up. Both me and Amy are ready to be very busy!

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  1. Im glad youre looking forward to going door to door! I know a lot of people really dont like doing that, so props for that! Managing 2 blogs at once? Im glad you get to present a more professional, polished side of what you’re doing as well.

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