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Rants Turned into Ideas?!

Yay for constantly thinking about my summer project. Every park, every street, every young person…reminds me of my summer project. Each park gives me ideas of how cities can implement region wide best practices. I feel very connected to my own community as well as the larger Detroit community and all the practices we are inputting to revitalize our communities. And although, it makes me more realistic and cynical – I’m glad as it gives me information that I can use to spread awareness and also work on to better our community. 

Due to my constant pondering over these topics, I was ranting to my mom this morning about my 300 dollar overdraft fees that were completely unfair. I had made my bank account in 10 minutes outside of TCF in the heat with the lady giving me attitude. I didn’t really know the difference between a checking or a savings account, or even opting in vs opting out. They also made many mistakes with my account and it was getting really frustrating. So, I was complaining to my mom that they should really teach us life skills in high school and make sure we’re really ready for college and employment and even just educated about our local government and how to be active community members.

That’s when it hit me. One of my research topics is how to positively impact k-12 education and I think a great thing to implement by the local leaders it to teach middle schoolers or high schoolers how to be involved in their community as well as linking them to colleges and other organizations that can aid them in the transition between being a teen to being a millennial. I never realized I could actually suggest things that maybe I would have liked to see – and use my recent experience as a high school student to use. Who doesn’t want to know more about growing up before we are in the middle of being a grown up and having a quarter life crisis. 

I love that being involved with municipal leaders means being able to voice your own ideas and concerns. Obviously, this will just be one of the ideas and that I am still researching more potential programs that the government can implement. So, wish me luck. I am almost done with everything – just still having problems with education. But, my conclusion could always end up being that the local government does not really have too large of an influence on education but with whatever influence they do have – they can use that. 

My main concern as of now is my organization appreciating all the information that I can give them and feeling like I have come of some use to them. That is all I hope for. 

2 thoughts on “Rants Turned into Ideas?!”

  1. I love when real life can inspire work and vice versa. And I really like your idea – I feel like there is this weird standard in our society where we say “oh they’re just kids” but then all of a sudden those “kids” are 18 and expected to know how to live independently. So I’m always for any kinds of tools that aid the transition.

  2. I hope that the local government uses their power in regards to education to good use. I want to see more change!
    I also agree that we need to learn how to handle the real world, life survival skills, rather than just theories from the 1900s.

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