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Finally got out to Whole Foods… After it was Cool!

After seminar on Monday, Jerry and I whent out to the brand new Whole Foods market on Woodward. I don’t know what took me so late in the game to get out there, but it was a locavore’s oasis! Michigan Products were clearly labeled, and so were Organic ones. When I was hovering around the produce getting my greens and fruits, a woman who worked at the store, plausibly a manager, was being interviewed by God knows who, but they had a legit cinematographic camera, dictaphones, those overhead recording mics, headphones, and notepads, so you know they meant business. Especially because of the headphones and the notepads. They were on a mission. Clearly. But they were asking some well thought out questions, like:

Do you think that highway traffic from suburbanites coming to midtown to experience Whole Foods will counter some of the ecological benefits Whole Foods itself strives for?

Could this whole foods encourage a European dietary style for local residents, in which they go out daily grocery shopping for daily provisions rather than weekly for weekly provisions as we do here in America?”

Meanwhile I’m standing there thinking “Well, we here in America just like to get it done in one fell swoop and would kind of find it a pain in the I-can’t-say-on-this-blog to have to go out food shopping every friggin’ day…”

Anyhow, I noticed that I am a perimeter shopper yesterday… I stay on the perimeter of the store where the produce, deli, stands, bakery, and freezer wall thingys are… I only noticed this when I was at the check out line and wondered why I was satisfied with the provisions in my basket, but had no idea what wonders lay in the aisles… This puzzle has struck me before in other markets…

So the happy ending is that the weeks worth of provisions from Whole foods were 2 times as expensive as at La Colmena… I’m torn guys. So torn.

2 thoughts on “Finally got out to Whole Foods… After it was Cool!”

  1. Well two times as expensive but I’m sure A LOT more healthy. It’s sad that here in America we are forced to choose between health and cost.

  2. I do a lot of work that’s relevant to Whole Foods and its benefits and disadvantages in terms of pricing and products offered, we should totally talk about that sometime!
    It is interesting having the Whole Foods around though, and interesting to see an interview like that taking place…

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