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First victory!

We didn’t have a full week because of the holiday so there wasn’t too much going on in the office but we did have some good news! A week and a half ago, Kerrel and I started passing out the community health surveys to the community, specifically targeting the churches because they have a strong […]

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NED’s Notes

Ned’s Notes is an issue that Nortown is creating for the span of Northeast Detroit! and we are creating the newspaper from scratch meaning the layout, calling the company, designs. It is a nice creative and artsy spin to the regular roll of things so I do appreciate that minus the time crunch…I get a

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Week 5

Thank goodness 4th of July was this week, because I needed the day off. Week five might have been one of my least favorite weeks. I was not feeling too well and my left shoulder was extremely sore. I mostly typed papers for 90% of my office time. Although it was extremely tedious and boring,

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Free Food

The best thing about working at a non-profit with a restaurant is the free food. I don’t know if it is because of the holiday coming up or because it is the end of the month but we have had a free lunch since Friday. Here is a rundown of what the free lunches have

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