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Week 7

This week, Maggie and I chose to interview each other for our blog post to get to know each other more. As we sat outside in sunny Detroit weather we got to share more about each other and our lives. Maggie is from Houston, Texas and is majoring in Sociology and Social Work. When we …

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week 8

 This project has definitely expanded my view of the issue, as well as the different approaches of people involved in work towards addressing disability rights in the community. I’ve spoken to people concerned with community outreach, staying grassroots, autism advocacy, housing, and health. Looking on all the information, I come back to Raquel speaking on …

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Week Seven: Lessons From Our Guest Speakers

All of our guest speakers have impressed me with their knowledge and work. I have appreciated learning about the history of Detroit as well as its current challenges and the countless groups attempting to provide some kind of solution to them. Raquel Garcia, the Executive Director of Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision, has stood out in …

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Week 7 Blog

I read a recent article in the New York Times discussing how Detroit is beginning to reassert the authority of the municipal government in code enforcement and other community needs. While the ability to maintain essential services is great, a quote from the mayor argues that these aren’t what should be celebrated. “Nobody in Chicago …

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Week 7

Hi! This week I decided to look back on what has happened so far in this fellowship and what I had learned; more specifically, in the DCERP meetings. We have meetings twice a week and most weeks we had a guest speaker on anything from education programs and research to self care. I have to …

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