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Week 1

Hi everyone! My name is Freonia and I am a rising sophomore majoring in Public Health Sciences. I am excited to get to know everyone better and be able to learn about everyone’s interests and goals because I think one of the great things about this program is that we all are able to learn […]

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[WEEK 1] Fresh Start

Hi everyone! My name is Nina, and I am a rising junior studying Business Administration with a minor in Entrepreneurship. I have always been passionate about community service and making positive contributions to the local community. After researching various career paths, I am confident that I want to work with nonprofit organizations to engage in

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Week 9: Last Week

I can’t believe it is already the last week! There is so much to unpack within the last 2 months from living and working in Detroit. Working at KGD and interacting with other members of the DCERP cohort has truly been such a remarkable experience, and I have learned so much about Detroit and also

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Week Nine Blog

Well, a lot has changed in just nine weeks. For one, I no longer intend to major in history, thanks to my experience in Detroit. I’m hoping to apply to the College of Architecture and Urban Planning’s Urban Technology major. Being in Detroit has really made me appreciate cities and all that they have to

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Week 9

When I reflect on what drew me to Downtown Detroit Partnership and the opportunity to work with DCERP after nine weeks I have learned that I did not realize how much I would be interacting with the community around me specifically the small businesses. I think growing within the nine weeks to live and work

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Week 9!

Time really has flown so fast. I can’t believe there’s only two days left of this program!! Reading my first blog post, I definitely mentioned how I hope to become more involved in community work, and this summer has more than allowed me to connect with people and community members, both in and out of

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