July 2018 – Page 3 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Month: July 2018

Week Eight

I really enjoyed reading How to Kill a City. Entering this program, gentrification was a term I had heard but wasn’t very familiar with. I had heard about it from the side of gentrifiers who look at it from an economic and business perspective, the common refrain ‘how can bringing jobs and money to an …

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Right in my backyard | #8

Since I’ve already spoken about my favorite weekly activity (the Juneteenth event), I will speak on my second favorite one, the panel at the Historical Museum. I loved everything about this event. Although I didn’t particularly like the opinions/views of one panelist (I’m sure you could guess which one), I still believe that them being …

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Week 7: A Tale of Two Cities

This week, we went to the Detroit Historical Museum for their Third Thursday event, which was entitled “A Tale of Two Cities”. I honestly didn’t know what to expect going in, but was utterly surprised by the intensity and sophistication of the conversation. The panelists played very different, but vital roles in the conversation/issue, with …

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It was a Friday night, and the end to an unkind week. I was the kind of tired that let my body pour into my pillow at 6:45, and that even made checking my notifications seem an arduous task. Just before closing my eyes for the night I remembered a Praise and Worship event I had …

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