July 2018 – Page 2 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Month: July 2018

I Owe a CEO

It came for me like it came for all of us; it was our week to plan a kickass event for the cohort. My girl Lia came in clutch, of course, and it was silly of me to think that she wouldn’t have. That’s right: she was the plug for the Third Thursday Speaker Series …

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Week 8: Che Guevara

All of the events and group meetings we have attended this summer have definitely doubled, for me, as learning experiences in some way. I enjoyed how different they all were, but how they all culminated in showing different sides of Detroit from its history to its music to its art. I genuinely believe my time in …

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Week 8 – MUFI

This week I want to reflect more on our group visit to the Michigan Urban Farm Initiative, and what we have learned post-volunteering. Unfortunately, after volunteering there I read an article (that was later sent to the group) about the organization’s checkered past, especially as it pertained to the owner and his relationship to the …

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Week 8

No matter how tired I am after work, I always look forward to the Tuesday or Thursday events because they always open my eyes to new things. There is no one particular event that I’d like to talk about, but there has been quite a few that have made me rethink and evaluate everything that …

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Week 8 – Weekly Meetings

Throughout the program, I’ve really enjoyed our group meetings. I think we’ve had the opportunity to learn more about Detroit and have honest, real conversations about issues residents of Detroit face. I enjoyed all the museum visits, and I liked learning about Detroit, especially in the group. Also, I really liked all the time we …

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