August 2013 – Page 2 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Month: August 2013

Shock Mode

Well, I knew that the work I was doing for my internship was relevant for those I was doing it for but honestly I did not think it was a big deal. Although I put much effort into it, I guess I felt like it wasn’t enough for those I worked with or as if …

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10. Final

Well I guess this is see you later for now. With this being the last week at WarrenConner/ Land,Inc I would like to take the time to reflex on my experiences, and my growth durning this summer. The project that I feel contributed most to my learning was working with CPPC. Working with CPPC, I …

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What a Ride

  Well, folks, that was no walk in the park. Not that I expected the program to be easy, but it was challenging in ways I couldn’t have anticipated. Although I had some bumps, some late nights, many early mornings, a lot of learning by doing and making it up as I go, a bit …

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The Great Rhonda Anderson

This summer we have had the utmost privilege of working with the Great Rhonda Anderson.  Rhonda Anderson is the Sierra Clubs Environmental Justice organizer here in Detroit and our supervisor (although she views as her peers) during our internship.  Much of her work is done in Southwest Detroit and downriver communities.  These communities are highly …

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Week 10 @ Detroit 300

Can’t believe it’s over!! This week consisted of finalizing the powerpoint version of my report (although there’s still some survey information other interns took that I need to add — which is good because next week I’ll be starting a new *bonus* project that’ll leave me with a lot of extra time on my hands!) …

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Week 10 Last week!

Well my time here at Focus: HOPE has ended. In the last week, I finished up my projects, was treated out to lunch by my supervisors, and said my good-byes. It is hard to explain/quantify just how much I’ve learned, even though all i did was attend some meetings, and read some research. The content …

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