July 2014 – Page 2 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

July 2014

Week 9 : Human Centered

One of my favorite parts of the program so far has definitely been the seminars. I have really enjoyed all of the seminars, but especially the one where we went through the human centered design process and came up with a prototypes that would help someone with their morning commute. It was a great seminar …

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Week 9: Seminars

After a long week at work, Fridays came as the refreshing finish line before the weekend. It was difficult waking up 30 minutes earlier than the rest of the week, but the seminars were pleasant. I enjoyed meeting leaders of the various non-profits that some of my UROP CBRP colleagues were working with. It was …

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What is YOUR Mission?

I have appreciated the knowledge that I have gained through the seminar component of the Detroit Community Based Research Program. As Nate mentioned in his blog, it’s a nice little “breather” from the 9-5 workday. Likewise, I have broadened my understanding of observing v. interpreting, professional writing, comprehensive design, and a whole slew of other …

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Seminar Reflection

Throughout the program, I have had a love-hate relationship with the Friday seminars. To be fair, the only thing I’ve hated is how early I’ve had to wake up when I just want to sleep in after a long week at work. Other than that, I have learned so much new information from each week’s …

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Honestly I don’t know how seminar can stand up to the numerous excellent experiences I’ve had in Detroit, or as a research fellow at InsideOut. However, that being said, they provided a nice “cool down” period at the end of the week. They were the rejuvenating exhale after a week long inhale; the breath I took …

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