July 2016 – Page 2 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Month: July 2016

Week 9

Wow, I am incredibly close to being done with my summer internship and living in Detroit.  It will be sad to leave the city, but I am excited to head back to Ann Arbor.  Plus, I get the best of both worlds because I will still be spending time in Detroit since SDBA hired me …

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One Big Happy Family

Michael, Dorian, and I lead group meeting this week. Since it towards the end of the program we decided it would be a great idea to do trivia based on the people on the program. As we not only came up with the questions, I wondered how many would people actually get correct. Surprisingly, the …

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Week 8

Thus far I have really enjoyed the seminars and group meetings. The most influential and thought provoking one for me was the dialogue that we had about race and entering communities during one of the Thursday night sessions. It is something that I have been constantly thinking about throughout my time here in Detroit and …

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Week 8 Blog

One of my favorite things about the summer has been weekly Thursday group meetings that we have been able to organize. The events are always interesting, giving us chances to be leaders, express our interests with the group, and have a time during which the entire cohort can engage with each other socially. Furthermore, the …

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I think the largest part of seminars and group meetings that I have noticed is entering communities. In working with communities, discovering the most conscious way to enter and assist a community. While always hard to do, it seems as though most people are extremely conscious of doing so. Whether hearing Naim talk about why …

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Being in seminars and group meetings have definitely taught me in regards to: speech delivery, planning, and people’s knowledge. In terms of speech delivery, I am referring to our Tuesday meetings. I’ve really learned that engaging an audience is an ultimate skill. I would say the only time I’ve truly felt really engaged in a …

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Week 9

Being black ain’t free is cost us our youth  We learned at an early age we can’t do what other kids do We paying attention to the world cuz those our brothers  that we seeing on the news Everything is not black and white But what I’ve learned in my short life that blacks have limited …

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