July 2013 – Page 9 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Month: July 2013

Week 5

Thank goodness 4th of July was this week, because I needed the day off. Week five might have been one of my least favorite weeks. I was not feeling too well and my left shoulder was extremely sore. I mostly typed papers for 90% of my office time. Although it was extremely tedious and boring, …

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Free Food

The best thing about working at a non-profit with a restaurant is the free food. I don’t know if it is because of the holiday coming up or because it is the end of the month but we have had a free lunch since Friday. Here is a rundown of what the free lunches have …

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Detroit livin

About half-way through the program, I’m thinking about my every day routine of being in the Eastern Market office; I’m sad I only get to be here for the summer. I’ve grown to really enjoy the company of everyone in my office, and later this week I’m going to go with Dorothy and Barbara to …

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Leaky Roof and Some Thoughts about the Working World

On thursday, after a morning of hard rain, the roof suddenly started leaking at about 1 o’clock whilst my mentor, Emile, was out for a lunch meeting. How exciting… you shoulda been, guys… you shoulda been! Coworkers started making methodically making rounds making sure everyone had buckets for catching and plastic bags for covering electronics; …

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CPPC week 4

This week was a very interesting week because I was able to experience a few new things and it was very busy. During this week the reason why we where so busy was because we had a Blue ribbon Panel Meeting. One of the major events was the Blue Ribbon Panel Tour, this was important because even though they …

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