July 2013 – Page 2 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

July 2013

Week 8

As the end draws near working for the Detroit Food Academy, I am shocked about how much I have done and learned. It saddens me knowing that I only have less than two more weeks until UROP ends. Week 8 was mostly focused on putting the final touches on my project and drawing conclusions. I …

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A Wonderful Lunch

The other week, I had lunch with a woman who I really wanted to meet and who I wanted to be my mentor. When I look at someone, I try to read them. When I went to the Social Entrepreneurship conference with Fresh Corner Cafe, a few weeks ago, I noticed a woman who looked like someone I had to meet and …

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Feeling Accomplished

Well, uh, excuse my last blog post. Apparently hitting “save draft” makes your half-finished blog post visible to the world. Realizing that fact five days later is a bit embarrassing. So sorry for the pointless rambling about “Office Space” and the hectic weeks at the church lately. As the program is winding down with two …

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This Week

I’m starting to realize the large amount of “finishing up” I have to do in a short amount of time. I’ve made good progress on my literary review and sent a draft to my supervisor; I’m awaiting his comments that will hopefully guide me in writing the rest of the report. I’m still trying to …

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Week 8 Ramblings

This has been on the rougher side compared to my other weeks due to some foreseeable and some unforeseeable events. The unforeseeable event was that Pat was in this hospital this week. The foreseeable event was that we have had this newspaper due for a while now. The two don’t go together very well. I …

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